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5 Ways to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

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What causes foot odor? 

Foot odor is essentially caused by sweat. Well, not the sweat exactly but the bacteria that live on the feet and feed on sweet which produces an acid that causes the odor. Foot odor can especially happen when the feet don’t have ventilation. When your sweat soaks into your shoes and they don’t have time to dry between wears the bacteria can especially become smelly. Poor hygiene can also lead to smelly feet. If you don’t wash your feet or change your socks every day then your feet odor can worsen. 

How do you get rid of smelly feet? 

1. Wash feet with a scrub brush every day

Use a gentle soap and a scrub brush to wash your feet every day. Make sure to pay special attention to washing the crevices of your feet such as between your toes. This can help remove the stinky bacteria that live there. 

2. Wear the Right Socks 

You want to wear socks that absorb your sweat so the sweat doesn’t soak into your shoes. This will keep your shoes dryer and therefor less stinky! 

3. Switch Pairs of Shoes

One easy fix to stinky feet is to switch between at least two shoes each day. This way the shoes will have time to dry completely before you wear them again. This can slow bacteria growth.

4. Make a foot soak using Listerine or vinegar 

You can also make a home-made foot soak using Listerine or vinegar. This can also clean the feet and kill smelly bacteria.

5. Use Blusol Heat Shield Inserts 

Foot odor is caused by sweat and sweat is caused by heat. The ground can get pretty hot. Did you know that when it’s 94 degrees outside the asphalt is actually 136 degrees on asphalt and 165 degrees on turf? That’s hot! Blusol heat shield inserts help decrease the heat inside shoes by using Nasa-grade material. This is a great solution to decreasing sweaty feet and therefore decreasing foot odor. 


You can go here to order your Blusol Heat Shield Inserts today.

Blister on the heel

6 Tips to Prevent Foot Blisters Caused By Shoes

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Blisters are the bane of existence for athletes, construction workers, emergency workers, military servicemen and women, and let’s face it, anyone who wears shoes. Blisters develop for a variety of reasons but the most common one is because of ill-fitting shoes. Below you’ll find some tips and tricks to help you create a blister-free game plan.


What are Blisters? 

A blister is a raised portion of skin that is filled with fluid that is caused when friction occurs between your skin and shoe. They are actually your body reacting to protect itself from the heat by creating its own barrier that protects and cushions the layers below. This allows the tissue to heal without experiencing further damage. However, despite your body’s best intentions, blisters are never fun! 


Here at Blusol we’ve noticed that blisters tend to especially develop when athletes have sweaty feet or when they pour water on them to cool them off as turf especially can get very hot! The wetness of the feet increases the amount of rubbing and friction in the shoes which leads to more blisters! You can read here more about our story and experience with that. 


How to Prevent Blisters

1. Readjust when you feel a hot spot 

Before a blister even develops your skin develops a hot spot. The skin will turn red and become tender before your body creates the liquid-filled padding that will turn the hot spot into a blister. Readjusting your shoes can help fix this problem. Moving the parts of your shoes that rub your feet can help prevent blisters.

2. Cover Problem Spots 

Another thing you can do to prevent blisters from shoes is to cover these same problem spots. You can use something as simple as a bandage or can you something made specifically for blisters such as moleskin. Covering the hot spots will prevent any future friction and therefore blisters. 

3. Proper Footwear

One of the best tips we can give to prevent foot blisters is to wear proper footwear. If you wear shoes that are old, fill poorly, or are too small you are practically asking for blisters! Choosing footwear that fits well, gives your feet room to breathe, and doesn’t chafe or rub anywhere is one of the important first steps in blister prevention. 

4. Stay Dry 

As we mentioned before, many blisters develop when the feet get sweaty or wet so naturally, a great tip to keep blisters away is to keep your feet dry. When you’re in the middle of a busy workday or an intense sporting event in the heat it can be hard to imagine how to do this but putting antiperspirant or cornstarch on your feet can go a long way to prevent sweating. You may also want to wear special socks that are made to keep the feet dry by wicking away moisture. Synthetic socks are a great choice for this. They tend to be made of acrylic, polypropylene, or CoolMax fabric.  

5. Lubrication 

You can also lubricate your feet to help them slide around instead of rubbing if you’re finding you have trouble keeping your feet dry. You can use a variety of household products including diaper rash ointment, vaseline, or petroleum jelly for this purpose. You can also use products that are specifically made to lubricate the feet to prevent chafing including body glide, run goo, sports slick, or sport shield. They often come in forms similar to roll-on deodorant or an easy-to-use tube and can be found at running stores.

6. Use Blusol Heat Shield Shoe Inserts 

Blusol Heat Shield Shoe Inserts were literally invented to help prevent blisters on the feet. Using technology they decrease the amount of heat the penetrates your shoes from ground surfaces and makes your feet hot and sweaty. This decreases the amount of friction in your shoes and decreases the number of painful blisters you experience. Blusol Heat Shield Shoe Inserts are one of the best things you can add to your blister-free game plan to ensure that you are pain-free no matter if you are at work or at play. 


Click here to shop online and buy your own pair of Blusol Heat Shield Inserts to prevent blisters today! 

Blusol inserts near cleats

Technology behind Blusol

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Blusol is an adhesive insert that can be applied to any cleat, shoe, or boot. Using Nasa and military-grade material Blusol gives relief to the feet and body. Blusol reduces the heat of the ground whether that be asphalt, dirt, or turf from transferring into your feet. Blusol protects your feet from injuries such as blisters, turf burns, and general discomfort. There has always been a need for a product like this and it’s finally here!


NASA Grade Material

Our Blusol Inserts are made of the same material used for spacesuits while they work in extreme heat and cold in space. We decided to use these materials to ensure the longevity and performance of the Blusol Insert. Although we use only the best materials Blusol inserts are extremely affordable and will last you years. 

Easy Fit

Blusol inserts can be easily trimmed and sized to your liking, fitting your shoe or cleat perfectly for optimal performance. At 3 mm thin, the inserts are easily trimmed and flexible so they do not affect your shoe size. Our custom fits allow our customers to use Blusol for any shoe type.  

Cold protection

Not only does Blusol inserts protect you from the heat, but the cold as well Utilizing a barrier material from outside surfaces combined with the heat from your own foot to regulate the temperature within your shoe or cleat. This will help keep your feet healthier and allow your feet to be comfortable all year round. 

Multiple Uses

Blusols universal and customizable design allows it to have almost unlimited potential in its uses. Blusol Heat Shield Inserts are perfect for sports, construction, and the military. No matter the job Blusol will keep your feet healthier. 

The Uses of Blusol

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Blusol is an adhesive insert that can be applied to any cleat, shoe, or boot. Using Nasa and military-grade material Blusol gives relief to the feet and body. Blusol reduces the heat of the ground whether that be asphalt, dirt, or turf from transferring into your feet. Blusol protects your feet from injuries such as blisters, turf burns, and general discomfort. There has always been a need for a product like this and it’s finally here!

Here are the ways Blusol inserts are currently being used:


The surface of synthetic turf has been found to be 40 to 70 degrees hotter than the surface air around it. This extreme heat can cause shoes to melt, blisters, turf burn and can even induce dehydration and heatstroke. Protecting athletes from this heat is profoundly important for the health of the athlete and helps them stay on the field longer. An athlete’s feet are one of the most important parts of their body and Blusol inserts are the first line of defense in having healthy feet. 


Military personnel are required to endure some of the most physically draining training in the world. Hundreds of hours of running and hiking in the hot sun will undeniably take a toll on the body and mind of any person. From 2008 to 2018 cases of dehydration and heatstroke increased by 60%. Blusol inserts can protect the feet of these soldiers as they continue to train at extreme intensities and can protect those soldiers who are deployed to areas like Afghanistan where temperatures have been seen to get up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Construction Worker

Construction workers or workers’ professions that leave you vulnerable to the effects of the sun commonly suffer from the same injuries and discomfort found both in soldiers and athletes. Construction workers are notoriously tough and work in tough conditions. Despite the stereotypes, construction workers should not be forced to deal with blisters and the discomfort of working on a construction site all day. Blusol provides relief to these injuries and allows you to complete your work faster without the mental drain of discomfort in your feet.

The Effects of Heat

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Almost every athlete has to train in the heat of the day, whether that is in or out of the competition, but athletes aren’t the only ones who feel the effects of heat. Military and manual labor workers feel these effects on a daily basis. Only over the last decade have researchers really understood the effects and potential dangers of athletes training in these conditions. 

Here are some effects researchers find most concerning athletes, manual labor workers, and the military. 


When your core temperature increases your blood vessels expand. This causes your heart rate to increase in order to maintain your blood pressure. If your cardiovascular system is compromised, it could affect oxygen delivery. 


Heat both directly and indirectly affects muscle. There is an accumulation of metabolites and an increased rate of glycogen breakdown. Heat also causes damages to the skin such as turf burn, and blisters. These types of injuries can be very painful and can even take someone out of work or competition. 


Heat affects an athlete’s motivation, pain tolerance, mood, and discomfort. All these things can affect a person’s physical performance. In terms of military, or construction workers this could be dangerous where there is a present danger at almost all times. 


As your core body temperature increases, your brain temperature also increases. This causes changes in the brain like fuel depletion and changes in neurotransmitters. These changes may alter your brain function. Effects such as these can prove to be dangerous in work environments such as construction sites


BluSol inserts allow athletes at all levels to play comfortably, and not feel those negative effects of heat. Built with Nasa grade material, BluSol inserts drop the temperature between the ground surface and show 30 degrees, and protect your feet from blisters and turf burn. BluSol inserts are perfect for athletes, manual labor workers, and the military. 

Make the Most of Baseball Season

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The baseball season is a great indicator of Spring starting. That also means the weather is getting warmer. Baseball games are so much fun to watch because you get to spend hours in the sun and eat classic baseball snacks. For the ones playing baseball is a sport that requires intense focus and precision. No matter your sport investing in the right gear will help you reach your peak performance. 


A huge component of baseball is the mental element. Baseball players have to maintain focus for hour-long games and keep up the physical engagement. Even though games can last close to three hours it goes by quickly. There are so many technical elements going on that makes it so fun to be a part of if you are paying close enough attention. Baseball is such a statistical game and it is important that the pressure does not cause players to crack. This sport meant to be enjoyable and that is the most important aspect. The best way to grow is to continue enjoying the game and practicing consistently to improve your personal performance. 


In order to make the most of your season, baseball athletes should try out Blusol shoe inserts. Spending hours on hot baseball diamonds will make your feet burn unless you have Blusol. They are super easy to add to your baseball cleats and ensure peak performance! Another important accessory for baseball season is sunglasses. The sunny Spring weather brings on the heat and the sunshine- sunglasses will make these games far more enjoyable for everyone. 

Off the Field

Baseball games are loads of fun but the season lasts for several months. Athletes and fans must find a way for them to stay strong and last all Spring. For fans that is as simple as checking in with the snack bar and bringing some shade. For athletes, it is important to keep training on off days. Players have to maintain strength and agility. By continually going to the weight room athletes will optimize their performance and become extremely strong players. 

Beat the Heat

Don’t forget that baseball can last all summer long with different leagues. The hot summer sun is more intense and it is very important to wear sunscreen and bring shade. Athletes should definitely invest in gear that will help them keep cool so that all of their attention can be spent on the game. Baseball is a fun sport to watch and to be a part of. Enjoy the season! 

The Importance of Being Active

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It is easy for some people to find ways to keep moving but others need that extra motivation and that is okay too! If you are someone who has found a sport you love that can be really rewarding and you are lucky to have the chance to play with your teammates and other players. Unfortunately, some people do not have a sport they are passionate about, but it is still important for your health to be active in different ways. Even something as simple as walking for thirty minutes every day can make an impact. 

Building Stamina 

The choice to get outside and move is one that can be intimidating to people. People are worried about what others might think of them or concerned about their own performance level so they hesitate to make a change. If that is you- stop your worries! The only way to grow and get stronger is to continue to push yourself. Set a goal for yourself and always build on that. By continuing to grow on your original goal you will notice yourself building stamina. With the example of walking for thirty minutes every day, making that a habit will allow you to get more out of those thirty minutes. Building stamina will allow you to cover more distance in thirty minutes or the same distance in less time. In order to grow, you have to start small. No marathon runner can make it all the way without the first thirty minutes.

Improving Physical Health

By having an active lifestyle you are sure to improve your overall well-being. Something as simple as walking for thirty minutes every day can improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, and reduce body fat. All these qualities are important to health and your body will thank you in the future for the investment in your health now. To have a healthy lifestyle it is important to be balanced. Eating healthy is important but is not powerful enough on its own. Make the change your body needs to thrive. Opt-out of sitting on the couch and push yourself!

Mood Booster

Not only is having a healthy lifestyle going to help your physical health in the present and the future but it can also have an impact on your mental health. Use your understanding of the importance of exercise as a motivation to your friends. Maybe you can convince them to be active too. Being active is a good excuse to spend quality time with people you like. On a more serious note, exercise, even something as simple as thirty minutes of walking decreases the likelihood of depression. By being healthy you are helping boost self-esteem and your overall well-being. 

There is no need to wait! Get outside today and push yourself. Never be afraid to fail when you are giving yourself the opportunity to grow. The importance of being active is undeniable, so get out there and move. 

Keep it Up During the Off-Season

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Everyone knows that a break can be nice. But if you want to come back for the season ready to go it is important to take advantage of your offseason. 

Improve Your Technical Skills 

No matter what your sport is it is important to keep training during the offseason. This is the perfect time to work on new skills that you have not had time to master before. Even though you might not be playing all the time, it is important to put those cleats back on and pick up the lacrosse stick, soccer ball, or whatever your sport may be- that way you won’t lose touch of the essential skills. 

Work to be Elite 

When weight training or conditioning, it is important to maintain some level of strength. If you completely stop working out you will be at a much greater risk of injury when the season starts. It is okay if you want to go a little lighter, but it is best not to stop altogether. If you are somewhere with intense winters and you cannot usually train outside like you prefer Blusol Inserts have cold protection too so you can train anytime, anywhere. Do not let the colder months stop you from doing what you love, get out there and get stronger. 

Stay Hydrated 

Don’t forget you need to maintain certain physical needs all year long. It is even easier to get dehydrated during the winter months because of the colder weather. Remember to fuel your body with lots of water! 

Don’t Quit the Mental Game 

The best part about the offseason is the extra free time. Use this time to heal your bodies and remind yourself why you love your sport. It is important to improve your skills but remember why you play the game you love. Use this time to set realistic goals for your upcoming season and reward yourself for the goals you have accomplished. Maintain your competitive edge by keeping a positive attitude! 

Keeping Your Feet Healthy

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You have the Blusol insert to keep your feet cool on the hot turf, but what about general health for your soles? 

Clean and Dry

This one is very important, be sure to always scrub your feet, and thoroughly dry them to prevent and unwanted fungus growth! If your shoes get wet, make sure to properly and completely dry them before using the shoes again.

To avoid overheating wear breathable shoes, socks and use a HeatSheid Insert. 

Avoid Sharing Footgear

Wearing shoes other people have worn can cause infections in your feet, this includes rentals. Be cautious of sharing, and never wear other footwear without socks or protection on your feet.

Wear the right socks for the right situation

Different socks can have benefits for different situations. Some have more moisture-wicking properties, and others keep your feet warm in cold environments.  Socks made from synthetic fibers generally wick more moisture than those of cotton or wool.  

Proper Shoes

Wearing the proper shoes will do miles for the overall health of your feet. You always want something with the proper arch support, for general walking. For hiking, you’ll want to protect your ankles. Also as a general rule, flip flops are not a good choice for shoe, as it provides little protection and arch support. Shoes should fit, with just enough room for your toes to move around. 

Be mindful of any problems

Any unusual itch, smell or feeling in your feet could be a sign of a more complicated problem. Always visit a doctor for these issues to keep your feet healthy and ready for the next day!

What Makes BluSol Great

What Makes BluSol Great

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BluSol is a lot more than just an insole. There is a lot of history that goes into it and for those of you that don’t know, this will be a great opportunity to share. What will be shared today is not only what we are today but what humble beginnings we came from. To really understand someone you want to know about their upbringing, their interests, and why they do what they do.

Our History

The founder of BluSol is Rob Becerra. In 2008 while coaching at Stanford University he became the Director of Coaching of the Palo Alto Soccer Club. The club trained and played most of the games on turf fields. When it was hot outside the turf would heat up and he noticed players walking on their tippy-toes, heels, standing on one leg and pouring water on their feet. The water only complicated the issue because now the players’ feet were hot and the water on sweaty feet led to blisters. Years later he had children play soccer and they had the same issue. He wanted to protect his children’s feet. This was the motivation needed to find a solution. Rob began to use different materials with a crockpot to test the temperature. With motivation backed by his family, he developed BluSol into what we can all see today.

What We Are Today

Because of our history, we have always been a family business. Rob is fired up to say that the BluSol Heat Shield Insert works. It helps prevent feet from burning. The results vary based on the outside temperature, the temperature of the surface and the type of footwear you are wearing. However, the BluSol Heat Shield Insert helps prevent your feet from burning. It was originally designed for athletes and cleats, but now it can be used in a huge variety of ways. These insoles can and will help everyone not burn their feet. 

This product and this company will help people, families, and kids. Rob was motivated as a coach and a father to help his kids feel better and play better which later became a company to fill a need. If you have questions please feel free to read more of the story here, https://blusol.com/our-story/ and contact us well. We want to help you control the heat inside your feet.