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Revolutionary Cooling Shoe Inserts

Discover Strikesol – the game-changing adhesive insert that transforms your shoes into comfort. Ideal for athletes, military personnel, first responders, and outdoor enthusiasts, Strikesol’s advanced heat and cooling regulating technology shields your feet from extreme heat and cold. Step into any challenge with confidence, knowing your feet are protected, comfortable, and ready for action.

Who Can Benefit from Strikesol?


Strikesol reduces heat that is normally transferred from the turf to the athlete’s feet. Any sport from soccer to lacrosse, Strikesol is for you.


Using our NASA and Military grade materials, Strikesol Heat Shield Inserts help take our serving men and women to the next level by reducing blisters, injuries and improving peak fighting performance.

Emergency Services

Strikesol helps protect our hard-working First Responders who help protect you.

Labor Force

Any job that requires extended standing, walking, or running for extended periods of time. From military to construction.

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NASA and Military Grade Material. Exceptionally Thin at Only 2mm. Yet Unnoticeably Powerful. 

About our Insulated Insole Inserts

Introducing Strikesol: The Ultimate Solution for Year-Round Foot Comfort and Protection. Our innovative adhesive inserts, seamlessly fitting any cleat, shoe, or boot, are a breakthrough in footgear technology. Strikesol’s advanced heat-regulating technology not only significantly reduces heat transfer from scorching surfaces but also provides essential insulation against cold, ensuring comfort for your feet in all environments.

Whether you’re an athlete braving extreme turf temperatures, a military member enduring diverse climatic conditions, a first responder on your feet in varying scenarios, or a professional facing long hours of standing, walking, or running, Strikesol adapts to your needs. It’s also a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts like hikers and campers, offering consistent foot comfort across a range of terrains and temperatures.

The demand for a versatile, effective solution to protect feet from extreme temperatures and discomfort has been unmet for too long. Strikesol is the answer, providing unparalleled comfort and protection across a spectrum of activities and professions in both hot and cold conditions. Experience the transformative comfort of Strikesol – because every step matters, in every condition.

Rafa Garcia

Preventing Your Feet From Burning

“Playing on turf for the past two seasons in the middle of summer can take a toll on your feet. Strikesol has made a huge difference! It has prevented blisters and helps my feet from burning at training and on game day allowing me to stay on top of my game”.

Shalrie Joseph

Get yourself some Strikesol Heatshield inserts for your shoes!

“When you’re training and coaching all day on turf and other surfaces, you have to make sure your feet stay cool. Get yourself some Strikesol Heatshield inserts for your shoes!”

Hunter Gorskie

Strikesol is the perfect solution for your feet

“If you’ve trained or played matches on a hot surface in the summer, you know how uncomfortable that can be in a pair of cleats. Strikesol is the perfect solution for me to eliminate that distraction and stay focused on the game.”

Who’s Benefited from our Cooling Insole Inserts

Daniel Steres

These Absolutely Saved My Feet

“These absolutely save my feet on those hot summer mid day games on turf, like at Portland or Seattle. Those fields used to tear my feet up by the end of the game. Now, with Strikesol, no feet issues, and all my focus stays on the game at hand.”

Dave Romney

Strikesol is something that can help at every level

“These make a noticeable difference when playing on hot days. I played on turf in college for 4 years and would have dreamed to have these back then. Also day games in Seattle & Portland, half the guys come off the field with blisters in the locker room, Strikesol is something that can help at every level”.

Actual Surface Temperature When The Air Is 94ºF









When playing on turf, keepers can feel the heat increase and grow unbearable. With Strikesol I feel a little heat on my feet but it is never uncomfortable and I can concentrate on making saves. Thank you!

- Angela Leist, GK for Tesoro High School

I play soccer on turf during the summer months and was desperately looking for something to go in my cleats to help relieve the heat, and was skeptical about these. But let me just tell you now that they 100% work as advertised. My feet didn't burn once, and I could only feel the tops of my shoes getting even a little warm, but absolutely nothing on the bottom.

On a hot tennis court, Strikesols keep you cool on your feet. Simply put, Strikesols work! Thank you!

- Geoff Roche Director of Tennis University of Redlands

Always cool on my feet when I am on the beat! Thanks Strikesol!

- Officer Ashlee Westall

The heat on the turf effects the players and essentially effects the game. Strikesol gives us the edge we need to concentrate on the match and not worry about our feet burning. At NDNU we feel the difference with our Strikesols on. Thank you!

- BJ Noble, Director of Soccer NDNU

Working construction can be back breaking work and me and my boys sweat bullets daily. On hot days it is unbearable with the heat from the sun and the heat coming up through the feet. Wearing Strikesols have made a huge difference in my comfort at work.

- Mario Puhala, Construction Worker

These are the best insoles I have ever used. Having MS, heat is tough on the body. These insoles help keep my feet cool and lessen MS side effects. You can wash your shoes, and the insoles still work! Oh, and I really kind of like wearing my running shoes now!

Donna Osment-Epp

Ok so product update. 3 days of +94° heat on the turf so 105-115 on the surface. Each session was 2 hours of speed work and drills. She said several other girls commented about "hot foot" but hers never bothered her. No blisters so I assume they didn't slide around.BLUSOL may be onto something big here.

Rich FenoglioFacebook

These worked great inside my daughters adidas cleats. After a weekend on hot turf she got horrible blisters from the heat and sweat. She didn’t want new shoes - she loves her copas - so after searching for a solution we found these and she saw a big improvement in how hot her feet felt today. And didn’t notice any difference in how the shoe fit. She’s a big fan so far.

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