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Easily Adaptable
What Makes BluSol Great

How to Use our Inserts

blusol inserts

The 5 simple step process to start feeling the difference with your Blusol Heat Shield Inserts.


Take your current sole out of your shoe or cleat


Trace around the Blusol Heat Shield Insert


Cut to customize fit


Peel and stick the Blusol Heat Shield Insert to the bottom of your sole


Insert back into your shoe

Watch our tutorial

Blusol Heat Shield Inserts Are Perfect In A Variety Of Industries


Blusol reduces heat that is normally transferred from the turf to the athlete’s feet. Any sport from soccer to lacrosse, Blusol is for you.


Using our NASA and Military grade materials, Blusol Heat Shield Inserts help take our serving men and women to the next level by reducing blisters, injuries and improving peak fighting performance.

Emergency Services

Blusol helps protect our hard working First Responders who help protect you.


Any job that requires extended standing, walking, or running for extended periods of time. From military to construction.


What size should I buy?

Blusol is a universal cut to fit product.

How do I fit my Blusol Heat Shield Inserts?

Blusol is cut to fit, using the cut lines preprinted on the heat shield for reference, or you can get a more accurate fit by using your existing insole as a guide and trace the out line of your insole directly on to the Blusol Heat Shield 3M side. (See our installation video at the top of this page for a more detailed explanation.)

How do I cut the Blusol Heat Shield Inserts?

Standard scissors (The sharper the better)

Where do I apply the Blusol Heat shields?

The Blusol Heat shields are designed to be adhered to the bottom of your existing cleat or shoe “insole”.

What if I don’t have an insole to apply too?

The Blusol Heat shield is not an insole and was not designed to replace the insole.

Why should I buy Blusol Heat Shields?

Because we want you to burn the competition not your feet.

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