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5 Ways to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

By August 28, 2020Uncategorized
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What causes foot odor? 

Foot odor is essentially caused by sweat. Well, not the sweat exactly but the bacteria that live on the feet and feed on sweet which produces an acid that causes the odor. Foot odor can especially happen when the feet don’t have ventilation. When your sweat soaks into your shoes and they don’t have time to dry between wears the bacteria can especially become smelly. Poor hygiene can also lead to smelly feet. If you don’t wash your feet or change your socks every day then your feet odor can worsen. 

How do you get rid of smelly feet? 

1. Wash feet with a scrub brush every day

Use a gentle soap and a scrub brush to wash your feet every day. Make sure to pay special attention to washing the crevices of your feet such as between your toes. This can help remove the stinky bacteria that live there. 

2. Wear the Right Socks 

You want to wear socks that absorb your sweat so the sweat doesn’t soak into your shoes. This will keep your shoes dryer and therefor less stinky! 

3. Switch Pairs of Shoes

One easy fix to stinky feet is to switch between at least two shoes each day. This way the shoes will have time to dry completely before you wear them again. This can slow bacteria growth.

4. Make a foot soak using Listerine or vinegar 

You can also make a home-made foot soak using Listerine or vinegar. This can also clean the feet and kill smelly bacteria.

5. Use Blusol Heat Shield Inserts 

Foot odor is caused by sweat and sweat is caused by heat. The ground can get pretty hot. Did you know that when it’s 94 degrees outside the asphalt is actually 136 degrees on asphalt and 165 degrees on turf? That’s hot! Blusol heat shield inserts help decrease the heat inside shoes by using Nasa-grade material. This is a great solution to decreasing sweaty feet and therefore decreasing foot odor. 


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