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BluSol Heat-shield Insert

By December 17, 2018June 10th, 2019Tech
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Burn your competition not your feet. Keep your players at peak performance with Blusol Heat Shield Insert.  Blusol is the ULTIMATE Solution for burning feet on turf and other hot surfaces!

Inside Lacrosse is proud to partner with Blusol and bring their Heat Shield inserts to the lacrosse world.

Blusol Heat Shield is an adhesive insert, that fits in any cleat or shoe. By using temperature regulating technology, Blusol reduces the amount of heat that is being transferred from the turf to the athlete’s feet. Blusol is The ULTIMATE solution for burning feet on turf and other hot surfaces.

  • No more heat blisters
  • Temperature Regulating Technology
  • One Size Fits All
  • Additional padding and comfort
  • Shoe size is not altered
  • Durability.  Will outlast your shoe
  • Over 25-degree differential from surface to foot
  • Even protects against cold harsh elements

Developed by Stanford athletics coach Rob Beccera, Rob was noticing his players complaining of foot pain and blisters while playing and training on turf fields.  Since there wasn’t any solution to this major problem, nor a product on the market , Rob decided to focus his attention on creating one. Rob has spent the last 8 years developing and testing the Blusol Heat Shield Insert, and it is now available!

Blusol was created to help every athlete win. There has long been a demand for a product like this, and it is finally here.

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