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Brady Elliott- SIM Science & Engineering Fair, Gold Winner

By April 19, 2019June 10th, 2019Tech

Brady Elliott- SIM Science & Engineering Fair, Gold Winner


   Brady Elliott is an 8th grader who has a passion for both science and soccer. Brady has been in the US’s DA Soccer program since he was 8, and has practiced on synthetic turf every day. For Brady’s 8th-grade science fair project, he decided to combine the two things he loved most, and chose to do his project on a solution to an issue he and his teammates had to deal with every year. Turn burns and blisters.

   For his science project, Brady chose a couple of different materials he believed would help reduce the heat player experience when playing on turf. Some of these materials were tin foil, engine heat shield material, and even Blusol Heat Sheild Inserts. To his amazing, Blusol Heat Sheild Inserts performed better than any of the other material Brady had experimented on. To read more about Brady’s testimonial, visit our blog post, How to Keep Your Kids Feet Safe From Turn Burn.

   After completing his science fair project, Brady wanted to present it to more people. Brady received 1st place at his middle school science fair, then 1st place at Snowline Joint Unified School District, Gold at the SIM Science & Engineering Fair (San Bernardino County), and also received The Broadcom Masters Award & the Lemelson Early Inventor Prize.

Brady’s mother stated:

“You’ll notice Brady is in his soccer uniform in the pictures because he refuses to miss practice, so he rushed to the awards assembly after practice just making it to the last award.”

   Brady’s passion for soccer and science paid off. We are so excited and happy for Brady and his accomplishment. We wish him the best as he moves on to the Stae of California’s Science and Engineering competition on April 29th.

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