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Technology behind Blusol

By June 24, 2020Uncategorized
Blusol inserts near cleats

Blusol is an adhesive insert that can be applied to any cleat, shoe, or boot. Using Nasa and military-grade material Blusol gives relief to the feet and body. Blusol reduces the heat of the ground whether that be asphalt, dirt, or turf from transferring into your feet. Blusol protects your feet from injuries such as blisters, turf burns, and general discomfort. There has always been a need for a product like this and it’s finally here!


NASA Grade Material

Our Blusol Inserts are made of the same material used for spacesuits while they work in extreme heat and cold in space. We decided to use these materials to ensure the longevity and performance of the Blusol Insert. Although we use only the best materials Blusol inserts are extremely affordable and will last you years. 

Easy Fit

Blusol inserts can be easily trimmed and sized to your liking, fitting your shoe or cleat perfectly for optimal performance. At 3 mm thin, the inserts are easily trimmed and flexible so they do not affect your shoe size. Our custom fits allow our customers to use Blusol for any shoe type.  

Cold protection

Not only does Blusol inserts protect you from the heat, but the cold as well Utilizing a barrier material from outside surfaces combined with the heat from your own foot to regulate the temperature within your shoe or cleat. This will help keep your feet healthier and allow your feet to be comfortable all year round. 

Multiple Uses

Blusols universal and customizable design allows it to have almost unlimited potential in its uses. Blusol Heat Shield Inserts are perfect for sports, construction, and the military. No matter the job Blusol will keep your feet healthier. 

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